Our Services

We provide one-on-one private tutoring for children in pre-k through fifth grade. As early childhood and elementary tutors, our focus is making sure your child is receiving support that matches their work in the classroom. Each session is customized to help your child reach their goals. We make sure your child is engaged while also having fun!

We also provide semi-private tutoring for groups of two or three children, homeschool support or instruction, and learning pod support or instruction.

Tutoring Services


Our tutors are trained in several literacy programs, including those based on Orton Gillingham principles, such as Wilson Fundations and Preventing Academic Failure (PAF). We are trained to teach different reading and writing strategies, based on what your child needs support with. Many of our tutors have experience using Columbia University’s Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, a curriculum used in many schools across NYC. We can help your child reach the next reading level, understand spelling patterns, and become a more organized writer. Our tutors are in constant communication with their students’ teachers to make sure our work supports the work they are doing in school.


Present-day math is taught very differently from the way many of us were taught as children. There is now more emphasis on being able to show your understanding of mathematical concepts rather than simply being able to memorize number facts. Our teachers can help your child understand the math they are doing in school and have the confidence to explain their thinking to others! Some of the curricula our tutors use in their schools include: EngageNY, TERC Investigations, and Singapore Math.

Executive Function

Our special education tutors have experience supporting students with planning and prioritizing, time management, and organization. Through executive function tutoring and coaching, your child will develop self-management skills to help them set goals, problem solve, and complete tasks and assignments.

Be Challenged

Is your child ready to learn more but limited by what is being taught in the classroom? Often children who excel academically at school might feel bored or uninterested because they easily understand the content that is being taught to them, and they are looking to learn more. Our elementary tutors can challenge your child by providing sessions that are stimulating and academically rigorous to keep them excited about learning!

Meet Grade Level Standards

Having a private tutor can be very beneficial for children who need extra support to meet grade level standards. Because all of our tutors are current or previous classroom teachers, we understand expectations to meet standards and are able to tailor sessions to help reach those goals. Private tutoring provides your child with the specific and targeted intervention and support they need and might not receive at school.

Homework Help

We often hear from parents how much of a struggle it can be to get through homework with your child. Let us help! Our tutors know the curriculum and content better than anyone! We can support your child with their homework and also use their homework to create and provide any additional support they may need. Whether it’s reading, writing, math, or science, our tutors are teachers who can keep your child engaged and eager to learn!

Experienced And Engaging Tutors

We’ll match your child with the right tutor based on your goals for your child, your child’s interests and needs, as well as personality!