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Our private reading tutors are tutors who absolutely love to teach reading and instill the love of reading in the students they work with. The tutors include reading specialists, 1st grade teachers, 3rd grade teachers, retired teachers, and more. What makes our private reading tutors stand out is our experience and knowledge when it comes to teaching children how to read.

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Private reading tutors near you

Our private reading tutors use methods based on the science of reading. We are up-to-date on best practices for how to teach children how to read. Our tutors incorporate phonemic awareness and phonological awareness. We use different strategies to teach children everything from decoding to comprehension. Most importantly, we incorporate fun and activities into our tutoring sessions! As early childhood educators and elementary teachers, we understand and value making sure your child has a love of learning from an early age. 

What does private reading tutoring look like?

Private tutoring for reading looks different at each age or grade. We typically recommend a one hour tutoring session once or twice a week. The more frequently a child is able to meet with their tutor, the quicker they will make progress.

For our youngest students, children ages 2 to 4 years old, private reading tutoring includes lots of short activities to match their shorter attention spans. Tutors will typically bring various games and activities for the child to interact with. At this stage of literacy development, the focus is on exposure and repetition with letter names and sounds. Phonological awareness is also very important in early childhood. The tutor will work with your child on rhyming, identifying beginning and ending sounds, and more. 

For children who are starting to learn how to read, typically in kindergarten and 1st grade, private reading tutoring incorporates learning different reading strategies using phonics instruction, teaching important sight words, comprehension strategies, fluency, building and increasing vocabulary, and practice reading aloud. 

2nd graders or 3rd graders who are struggling with reading will continue to work on the different reading strategies in their tutoring sessions. One of the main benefits of private tutoring is the ability for the tutor to customize tutoring sessions to match what your child needs help with specifically. Our tutors continually assess their students to make sure they are helping them where they need it most. 

Typically for our older students in 4th grade, 5th grade, and above, reading tutoring focuses more on comprehension and understanding. Some of our older students with dyslexia or other learning disabilities benefit from working with a tutor using the Orton Gillingham approach.

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In-home reading help tutors

Our tutors are not just educators, they are passionate about fostering a positive and enriching learning experience. Let us guide your children in a personalized way. Teaching is our passion!

Private reading tutors in NYC and the Tri-State area

If you live in NYC or the Tri-State area, we can come to your home to help your kids with their reading skills. We will also teach your child effective studying strategies and tips that they can apply throughout their academic life. Our service area includes NYC, Long Island and The Hamptons, Westchester and the Hudson Valley, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Private reading tutors in Miami & South Florida

Are you looking for help with your child’s reading skills in South Florida? In your area we have a team of experienced tutors who will be happy to guide and help with their homework. We cover Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Plantation, Boca Raton, Aventura and more.


The importance of reading

Reading allows you to develop the imagination, activate mental processes, enrich vocabulary, grammatical and narrative structures, expand and organize the acquisition of information and develop understanding of messages written in different types of texts.

Reading is an important part during the student’s training process in all subjects, and therefore on a daily basis we must look for new alternatives to focus on understanding the text. Reading is a process of interaction between the reader and the text through which the reader tries to satisfy his or her objectives. It is more than a mechanical process. It can be said that it is an act of reasoning that leads us to the construction of the interpretation of the text, to make inferences as an intellectual product of thought.

A text has different points of view and also different levels of understanding, which are related to the ability of the students. The tutor must look for the tools, strategies and activities that lead the student to explore, analyze and apply knowledge beyond simple reading, without taking away their creativity and imagination.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Reading Tutoring:

Any tips to improve my child's reading?

It is important that your child practices reading every day, that it becomes a healthy habit that they enjoy and is integrated into everyday life. Reading aloud helps, as does listening to an adult read the same text so they can understand fluency and expression. It also helps to ask your child questions about the text to help their reading comprehension and deeper thinking. It’s also super helpful to find books and stories that your child enjoys reading and engaging with!

What does it mean to know how to read well?

Reading well involves not only decoding, fluency, and expression, but also understanding what one has read, being able to acquire knowledge, synthesize and summarize.

What are the advantages of reading a lot?

Reading allows children to be able to not only learn more about the world, but also escape into imaginative lands. It expands their creative thinking, develops cognitive skills, activates short and long-term memory, expands their vocabulary, as well as improve expressive skills such as writing and spelling.

Don't let reading be a barrier to your child's growth.

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