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Simpson Tutors has a dedicated team of test prep tutors for the ISEE exam. Whether your child is applying to private school at the primary or secondary level, our tutors can help your child prepare for the exam. Our experienced tutors will prep your child in the areas they need the most support with by using a combination of test prep materials for the ISEE so that they can improve their performance.

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ISEE test tutoring near you

Our experienced ISEE test prep tutors are available near you. While many of our tutors are located in New York City and Miami, we have ISEE test prep tutors throughout the Tri-State Area and South Florida. Send us a message letting us know where you’re located and what grade your child is applying for, and we can make sure to set them up with an amazing test prep tutor from our team!


Preparing See test from home

In-home ISEE preparation tutors

Many families elect to take the ISEE exam at home, which makes in-home ISEE prep a great option. Our tutors come to your home and can help familiarize your child with the exam layout and question formats. Even if you are electing to take the exam outside of the home, in-home tutoring is a hassle free way to make sure your child is getting the test prep support they need. Our tutors provide all materials needed for the tutoring session. We ask that you prepare an area of the home that is quiet and free of distractions.

Private ISEE tutoring in NYC and the Tri-State area

In NYC many private schools require the ISEE exam for prospective students, including Avenues, Berkeley Carroll, Calhoun, Chapin, Dalton, Ethical Culture Fieldston, LREI, Packer, Poly Prep, Riverdale Country School, Spence, Trevor Day and many more. In the Tri-State Area, including New Jersey and Connecticut, some schools that use the ISEE are Princeton International School of Math and Science, The Lawrenceville School, Hamden Hall Country Day School, Greenwich Academy, and Brunswick School. Our private tutors are happy to come to your child’s home or local library to help them prepare for the exam. 

Private ISEE tutoring in Miami & South Florida

Many of Miami and South Florida’s private schools use the ISEE as part of their admissions process, including Miami Country Day, Pine Crest School, Ransom, Saint Andrew’s, St. Mark’s Episcopal School, Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart, Tampa Prep, Windermere Prep, Gulliver, Benjamin School, and Episcopal School of Jacksonville. Our private tutors are located throughout Miami and South Florida so that your child can benefit from  one-on-one ISEE test prep.

How we can help your child prepare for the ISEE entrance exam

Our experienced ISEE test prep tutors are available near you. While many of our tutors are located in New York City and Miami, we have ISEE test prep tutors throughout the Tri-State Area and South Florida. Send us a message letting us know where you’re located and what grade your child is applying for, and we can make sure to set them up with an amazing test prep tutor from our team!

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Frequently Asked Questions About ISEE Test:

What is the ISEE entrance exam?

ISEE stands for Independent School Entrance Examination, and it is an exam that is used by many private schools throughout the United States as part of the admissions process to both primary and secondary schools. It was created by the ERB (Educational Records Bureau).

What is the difference between the SAT and the ISEE?

In general the SATs are more difficult than the ISEE, so if your child is at least a freshman in high school preparing for the SATs, you are better off focusing on preparing for the SATs because that will help improve your child’s ISEE score inherently. However, vocabulary is not tested the same way on the SAT, so you will need to make sure your child deliberately studies vocabulary for the ISEE.

Is the ISEE a hard test?

The ISEE tends to be an above grade level test when it comes to math, so oftentimes students score lower in this section. It is normal to need more prep with the math section. The verbal section for the lower through upper level tests include synonyms and sentence completions. It is important that students study the vocabulary for both; that is the area that impacts a lot of students’ scores. The math section measures math achievement and quantitative reasoning. Middle and upper levels also include a special type of problem called quantitative comparisons. The reading comprehension consists of reading passages and answering questions. It is important to familiarize yourself with reading question types.

What level of the ISEE test does my child need to take?

There are multiple levels of the ISEE exam so it is important that you know which level your child should take. What grade level your child will be entering is the level test you should take. For example, if your child is in grades 1 through 3, then they will take the primary exam for entrance to grades 2 through 4. If you’re child is in grades 4 or 5, then they will take the lower level exam for grades 5 or 6. If you’re child is in grades 6 or 7, then they will take the middle level exam for entrance to grades 7 or 8. If you’re child is in grades 8 through 11, then they will take the upper level exam for entrance to grades 9 to 12.

What score do you need to pass the ISEE test?

There are three different scores that are included in the score report after completing the exam. The ISEE uses scaled scores which convert the number of correct answers a student earns into a  scale that accounts for minor differences in difficulty between different versions of the ISEE exam. The percentile rank indicates your child’s performance in relation to other students. The stanine rank is another way of comparing your child’s performance. Stanines are calculated by dividing the scores of all students into nine subgroups called stanines. Each stanine represents different percentages of students.

How long should you study for the ISEE?

There are rules around how many times you can take the test. Most private schools are on a fall admissions timeline so yoru child would need to take the test sometime between October and January. We suggest taking the test in October or November, and if you’re unhappy with the score, your child can take it again in December or January. If you’re applying midyear you have more options. It is a good idea to take one test before December if you think you’ll want your child to have the chance to take it twice. Based on when your child is taking the exam, anywhere from two to six months prior is the recommended amount of preparation time. The more time you have to prepare, the more your child’s tutor will be able to fine-tune their instruction. If you only have one or two months before the exam, do not worry! It is still possible for your child to be prepared for the exam. They will simply need much more frequent tutoring sessions.

What subjects are on the ISEE?

The primary level ISEE has 3 levels. Primary Level 2 has three sections: auditory comprehension, reading, and mathematics. Primary Level 3 and Primary Level 4 both have two sections: reading and mathematics.There is also an essay section for each grade level that is not scored by ERB but is sent directly to the school. For grades 5 through 12, the ISEE includes reading comprehension and mathematics which measures what your student knows, and verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning which evaluate how your student learns. 

Are calculators allowed in the ISEE exam?

No calculators are not allowed.

Is there an essay on the ISEE entrance exam?

Yes, but it is unscored by the ERB. Some schools take it into consideration and others don’t, so check with the schools you are applying to.

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