Executive Function Tutoring

If your child struggles with organizational skills, task initiation or completion, planning, time management, or any other executive function related skill, our executive function tutors can help. Executive function skills can be more difficult for some students, and having an executive function coach or tutor to help guide your child through assignments or projects, as well as provide strategies and tips that they can use at school or independently, can benefit them tremendously.

Executive tutoring services

Executive function tutoring near you

Our private tutors are near you and will travel to your home so your child can have private executive function tutoring in the comfort of your own home. While our tutors are happy to provide materials for the tutoring sessions, oftentimes, the students we work with may have writing projects or assignments from school that they are having difficulty with. Our experienced tutors are happy to help support in whatever way is best for your child.

What does executive function tutoring look like?

Executive function tutoring is different for each child, depending on their strengths and areas that need improvement. Typically the students we work with who require executive function coaching meet with their tutors for one hour sessions once or twice a week. During this time the student typically has assignments or projects from school that they need help completing. The tutor and child work together to come up with a reasonable goal for completing the tasks and then get started. The tutor is there to offer support to help the child stay on task and organized.

Working with an executive function tutor can help students create systems that work for them. For example, some students benefit from more frequent but structured breaks. Other students benefit from visual checklists so they have a more concrete understanding of the progress they’re making towards assignments.

Executive function tutoring

In-home executive function tutors

Our tutors are not just educators, they are passionate about fostering a positive and enriching learning experience. Let us guide your children in a personalized way. Teaching is our passion!

Private executive function tutors in NYC and the Tri-State area

If you live in NYC or the Tri-State area, we can come to your home to help your kids with their skills. We will also teach your child effective studying strategies and tips that they can apply throughout their academic life. Our service area includes NYC, Long Island and The Hamptons, Westchester and the Hudson Valley, New Jersey and Connecticut.

Private executive function tutors in Miami & South Florida

Are you looking for help with your child’s skills in South Florida? In your area we have a team of experienced tutors who will be happy to guide and help with their homework. We cover Miami, Miami Beach, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Plantation, Boca Raton, Aventura and more.


What is working memory’s role in executive function?

Imagine working memory as your child’s mental sticky note pad – it’s where they jot down and play around with information for a short while. Executive function is like the brain boss overseeing tasks, and working memory is its right-hand helper. When your child needs to follow directions, understand tricky stuff, or tackle complex homework, they’re tapping into their working memory. Having a tutor can help improve a child’s working memory.

Tutors can bring in fun games and activities that exercise this mental sticky note pad, making it stronger. It’s like hitting the gym for the brain! With personalized attention, tutors can figure out where your child might be struggling and introduce cool tricks to improve memory and tackle tasks more easily. Think of a tutor as your child’s coach, helping them improve their brain power and handle school challenges like a pro.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Writing Tutoring:

What are executive functions and why are they important in learning?

Executive functions are cognitive abilities that allow us to plan, organize, focus attention, regulate emotions, and carry out tasks. They are crucial for learning as they facilitate problem-solving, decision-making, and effective management of daily activities.

What does executive function tutoring involve?

Executive function tutoring is an educational approach designed to help students develop and enhance skills such as planning, organization, self-regulation, working memory, and other abilities related to cognitive control.

How do I know if my child needs executive function tutoring?

Some signs that a student may benefit from executive function tutoring include difficulties in completing tasks, lack of organization, trouble remembering instructions, or maintaining focus, among other challenges in the school setting

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